The Remarkable X1

The X1 by REX Energy is not just a product; it’s a comprehensive energy solution for multi-tenant properties. Engineered to real-time meter energy grids, monitor tenant demand, and control large-scale onsite renewable and battery systems, the X1 stands as the guardian of your property’s energy efficiency. Its ability to ‘island’ a site from the energy grid during failures ensures uninterrupted power, making it the smart choice for forward-thinking property developers.

Features at a Glance

Performance and Scalability

Whether it’s a residential complex, a bustling commercial hub, or an expansive industrial facility, the X1 scales seamlessly to meet the unique needs of any property. By integrating with existing property management systems or operating as a standalone powerhouse, the X1 is your partner in achieving unparalleled energy efficiency.

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REX Energy X1 Platform

Empower Your Energy Independence

The REX Energy X1 platform is a groundbreaking solution in renewable energy management, designed for multi-tenant properties seeking to significantly reduce their reliance on grid energy. This advanced platform not only offers cost-effective energy solutions but also contributes to a sustainable future.

Key Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Tenant Participation:

With the X1, tenants can actively co-manage the property’s carbon footprint and power demand, promoting a community-focused approach to energy usage.

Decarbonize Your Energy Supply:

Operate with a 24/7 decarbonized energy supply. The X1 provides real-time carbon savings reports, enabling you to monitor and share your environmental impact proudly.

Intelligent Energy Allocation:

Allocate renewable energy smartly among batteries, EV charging stations, and individual tenants or buildings, optimizing usage and preventing unnecessary export to the power grid.

Remote Software & Compliance Updates:

Benefit from remote software updates and compliance checks. This feature saves on onsite update costs and keeps your system in line with current regulations.

Autonomous Load Management:

The system can autonomously or manually shed non-essential loads, ensuring optimal energy distribution and efficiency.

Real-Time Energy Dashboard:

Get access to a comprehensive dashboard format for each building. This feature includes real-time metering for each load grouping, offering unparalleled insight into energy usage.

Advanced Energy Storage Systems:

Integrate high-cycle, long-lifespan energy storage systems onsite. With a 20-year battery cell warranty, these systems ensure reliable renewable energy supply, even during evenings.

Global Dashboard for Multiple Sites:

Manage and monitor multiple sites with ease, thanks to a global dashboard that provides a unified view of all your properties.

Reduced Electricity Costs:

Dramatically cut down on onsite electricity expenses, making the switch to renewable energy not only eco-friendly but also economically viable.

Automated Load Shedding & Islanding:

In the event of power grid failures, the X1 facilitates automated load shedding and can island the site from the energy grid, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Proactive Maintenance Monitoring:

Monitor your electrical and renewable assets for abnormalities. The X1 system immediately notifies and deploys maintenance teams for any issues, ensuring continuous, efficient operation.

Detailed Energy Usage Breakdown:

Perfect for factories and large complexes, the X1 can provide a detailed breakout of energy usage by equipment, lighting, and more, enabling precise energy management.

Transform Your Property with REX Energy X1

The REX Energy X1 platform is not just an energy solution; it’s a commitment to a sustainable and economically sound future. Whether you manage a residential complex, a commercial building, or an industrial facility, the X1 adapts to your specific needs, offering a comprehensive, eco-friendly energy management solution.

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